St Andrew Bobola
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Pastor: Rev. (Chris) Krzysztof Korcz

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Dudley, MA 01571

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Sunday Bulletins

Isn't it time you came home?

Come to me all who are tired and heavy hearted and I will give you rest...

Come back to me and inherit the kingdom I created for you from the foundation of the World...

Rediscover your faith in your Creator & your God.

Come Celebrate With Us Every Sunday! 

On this Holy Day of Christmas,
I would like to extend my best wishes...

If you feel there is something lacking in your life... Join us every Sunday and rediscover your relationship with God.

"For no matter where man looks, no matter how he strives, if he wanders far from God, he will not enjoy nature's tranquility, which he seeks, nor harmony and peace of soul; he will be restless and harassed, as though tossed by fever.

In seeking earthly riches, conveniences, and pleasures, in putting his trust in these, man pursues what escapes him, clings to what is crumbling down. For without God and His most holy law no right order is given man, no happiness worthy of the name, since man then lacks that solid basic norm by which to order his life; men in civil authority lack the basic norm for governing; and the community lacks the very foundation of moderation. And as you well know, only heavenly joys, which are eternal, and not what is in flux and transitory, can fill and satisfy the soul."

From the Encyclical of Pope Pius XII on St. Andrew Bobola, May 16, 1957

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Unless Your Faith is Firm - You are not Firm!

Christmas Mass Schedule
Christmas Eve Mass:
4:45pm and 12:00am Midnight

Christmas Day:
Sunday: 9:15am (Polish) | 10:30am


Sunday Mass
Saturday Vigil: 4:45pm
Sunday: 8:00am | 9:15am (Polish) | 10:30am

Weekday Mass
Monday thru Thursday : 7:00am
First Friday of the Month: 7:00am

Holy Days of Obligation
Holy Days : 7:00am | 6:30pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
Confession for the First Friday on Thursday Evening - 6:30pm

Sacrament of Baptism
Sunday at 11:30am by Appointment

Sacrament of Marriage
Arrangements must be made at least 12 months prior to wedding. Please contact us to arrange

Visitation of The Sick
Please notify the rectory if you know of someone who is unable to get to church and wishes to receive the sacraments.
Adorations and Devotions

Marian Devotion (May, Oct) Wed 6:30pm
Stations of The Cross (Lent) Friday 6:15pm

Prayer to St. Andrew Bobola