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Pastor: Rev. (Chris) Krzysztof Korcz

54 West Main Street ( PO Box 98) MAP
Dudley, MA 01571

(508) 943-5633 Rectory

(508) 949-6701 (Fax)

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Letter from Pastor Feb 2015

Parish Trip
Sept 20 thru Oct 1, 2015
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ITALY Trip Information (POLISH)


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Parish Mission March 22-25

“Return - Renew – Rejoice - Reconciliation


Our first “Return - Renew - Rejoice” Parish Mission is scheduled during Lent with Fr. Gregory Zielinski, an energetic young priest as our guest preacher. He is a student at the Lateran University in Rome and at Boston College Law School working on his doctoral degree.                                            He comes to us with a reputation for being a dynamic, humorous and engaging speaker, whose preaching is challenging and inspiring.

Rekolekcje poprowadzi ks. Grzegorz Zeliński, który jest studentem Uniwersytetu Laterańskiego,  pracującym nad doktoratem z prawa cywilnego i kanonicznego w Boston College.   Bardzo radosny kaznodzeja i pełen zapału i humoru kapłan.

Starts Ash Wednesday 2/18 From 4pm thru 6pm

Every Friday during Lent - 11:30am thru 2:00pm and Friday Evenings from 4:00pm thru 6:30pm

St. Andrew Bobola Church will be hosting a Baked Scrod Dinner on Ash Wednesday - February 18, 2015 from 4pm - 6pm and every Friday during Lent.  The Friday hours are 11:30am - 2:00pm and 4:00pm - 6:30pm. The dinners will be eat in or take out from the church hall.

Scrod dinner includes baked scrod, baked potato, cole slaw, or choice of vegetable, rolls and coffee, tea or soda.

The cost per adult dinner is $9.50 and child's dinner $5.00.
Proceeds from the Scrod Dinner will be for the heating system in the rectory.



St. Andrew Bobola Parish invites you to the "Spring Dance" April 25, 2015

 6pm to 1am in the Parish Hall with music known DJ - Paul and Robert . Ticket price $ 35 . Good music, tasty Polish Buffet and many attractions


 Parafia św. Andrzeja Boboli w Dudley

zaprasza parafian i całą Polonię na "Zabawę Wiosenną" 25 kwietnia,

2015 od 6pm do 1am do sali Parafialnej przy muzyce znanego DJ - Paweł i

Robert. Cena biletu $35. Dobra Muzyka, smaczny Polski Bufet i wiele atrakcji.

Meeting Updates:

120 Club - Spring Banquet - 4/18 Call Nancy - 943-4850

Stations of the Cross - Droga Krzyzowa

Stations of the Cross will be held each Friday during Lent at 6:30pm beginning on Friday February 20th at St. Andrew's. Stations will be in English and Polish.
Droga Krzyzowa w czasie Wielkiego Postu w piatki o godz. 6:30 (po polsku i angielsku)

Lamentations - Gorzkie Zale

Each Sunday during Lent, following the Polish Mass at 9:15am, we will sing Lamentations (Gorzkie Zale) .
W kazda niedziele w Wielkim Poscie nabozenstwo Gorzkich Zali bedzie po polskiej mszy swietej o godzinie 9:15.

If you feel there is something lacking in your life... Join us every Sunday and rediscover your relationship with God.

"For no matter where man looks, no matter how he strives, if he wanders far from God, he will not enjoy nature's tranquility, which he seeks, nor harmony and peace of soul; he will be restless and harassed, as though tossed by fever.

In seeking earthly riches, conveniences, and pleasures, in putting his trust in these, man pursues what escapes him, clings to what is crumbling down. For without God and His most holy law no right order is given man, no happiness worthy of the name, since man then lacks that solid basic norm by which to order his life; men in civil authority lack the basic norm for governing; and the community lacks the very foundation of moderation. And as you well know, only heavenly joys, which are eternal, and not what is in flux and transitory, can fill and satisfy the soul."

From the Encyclical of Pope Pius XII on St. Andrew Bobola, May 16, 1957

Read Entire Encyclical

Unless Your Faith is Firm - You are not Firm!

Sunday Mass
Saturday Vigil: 4:45pm
8:00am | 9:15am (Polish) | 11:00am

Weekday Mass
Monday, Tues, Thurs : 8:00am
Wednesday : 6:30pm
First Friday of the Month: 7:00am

Holy Days of Obligation
Holy Days :  7:00am and 6:30pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
Confession for the First Friday on Thursday Evening - 6:30pm

Sacrament of Baptism
Sunday at 11:30am by Appointment

Sacrament of Marriage
Arrangements must be made at least 12 months prior to wedding. Please contact us to arrange

Visitation of The Sick
Please notify the rectory if you know of someone who is unable to get to church and wishes to receive the sacraments.
Adorations and Devotions  

Marian Devotion (May, Oct) Wed 6:30pm
Stations of The Cross (Lent) Friday 6:15pm

Prayer to St. Andrew Bobola