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Parish Information

Rev. (Chris) Krzysztof Korcz

54 West Main Street ( PO Box 98)
Dudley, MA 01571

(508) 943-5633 Rectory
(508) 949-6701 (Fax)

Sunday Mass
Saturday Vigil: 4:45pm
8:00am | 9:00am (Polish) | 11:00am

Weekday Mass
Monday, Tues, Thurs : 8:00am
Wednesday : 6:30pm
First Friday of the Month: 8:00am

Holy Days of Obligation
Holy Days : 8:00am and 6:30pm



Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)
Saturdays @ 3:00pm

Confession for the First Friday on Thursday Evening - 6:30pm

Sacrament of Baptism
Sunday at 12:00pm by Appointment

Sacrament of Marriage
We recommend arrangements being made at least 12 months prior to wedding. Please contact us to arrange

Visitation of The Sick
Please notify the rectory if you know of someone who is unable to get to church and wishes to receive the sacraments.

Adorations and Devotions

Marian Devotion (May, Oct)

Wed 6:30pm

Stations of The Cross (Lent)

Friday 6:15pm

***Living Rosary Group***



As we near the end of The Year of Mercy I would like to

begin a new program here at St. Andrew’s Church. This

will consist of 2 new events involving all parishioners

who wish to participate, both Polish and English speaking.

The first part of this will be the formation of the Lady

of Fatima Living Rosary group. The Living Rosary Group

will be made up of 20 individuals who will each say one

decade of the Rosary each day, from all the mysteries.

Five people will have the Joyful Mysteries, five the Sorrowful

Mysteries, five the Glorious Mysteries and fiv

Luminous Mysteries. Each person will have one decade

of that Mystery to pray each day for a month. At the end

of each day all four mysteries will have been said and the

complete Rosary will have been prayed. At the end of the

month they will rotate the mysteries and the process will

begin again.


You do not have to gather at the church to

pray the Living Rosary, nor does it have to be done by all

at the same time each day. If you wish to establish a certain

time to pray during the day you may do that. The

goal is to have all 20 decades said each day to complete

the entire Rosary. When 20 participants are formed, we will

have a special blessing for them at a weekend Masses on

Oct. 1st and 2nd. During the 4:45 Mass and 9:15 Mass in

our Parish we will have the official Blessing of the Lady

of Fatima Statue, and the installation of the members of

the first group of Our Lady of Fatima Living Rosary



If you would like to be part of this Living Rosary

Group or have questions please see Fr. Chris.


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